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15 Best Cat Breeds Who Would Say 'Yes' To Traveling With You

15 Best Cat Breeds Who Would Say 'Yes' To Traveling With You

It’s always great to take a break and travel, whether alone, with friends or family or with your favorite pet. If you have a cat and want to travel with it, you must take care of certain aspects. Not each breed of cat can travel or has a travel-friendly nature. We are going to discuss one of the best cat breeds for traveling with your cat.

Travel-Friendly Breeds

Different breeds of cats have different nature.  Travel-friendly breeds are fun-loving and brave. They are likely to adjust to any new situation or surroundings as they are adaptable to new places or people. If your cat is more attached to you than the place, then, you don’t have to worry about traveling with it. Here is the list of the best breeds of cats. Obviously, each breed is different and has various characteristics and behavior; however, they can be the best traveling companion. Make sure to pick a right travel companion to make your journey a memorable one.

1. Persian: a Fluffy and Fun-Loving Cat

Persian: a Fluffy and Fun-Loving Cat

If you love fluffy and soft cats then go for Persian cats. They are known for their sweet and calming nature. Persian Cats are super affectionate and adaptable, and they can prove to be one of the best breeds for a traveling companion. These cats are known to be the fun-loving fats and can easily travel in cars, airplanes and motor-homes. You can, without much of a difficulty fit them in little places, for example, in a carrier. It's smarter to acquaint going with them at a more youthful age, for example, an outing to a park or a long drive. They will be more quiet and corporative all throughout the trip.

2. Scottish Fold: a Brave One

Scottish Fold: a Brave One

Scottish Fold is one of the best traveling breeds due to their gentle, well-adjusted and adaptable nature. If you are going for some adventures or exotic land then Scottish Fold can be the right choice. They can be effectively trained and perform well when traveling and have bizarre ears which folds upwards and downwards. Scottish Fold Cats are likely to be sweet and are not scared of anything.  You don't need to stress over the adjustment in condition or environment. As they are not anxious about changes, you can go for Scottish Fold in view of its casual and friendly nature for traveling.

3. Abyssinian: Sweet and Fearless Cat

Abyssinian: Sweet and Fearless Cat

Abyssinian is one of the fair choices for a traveling companion. These cats are sweet, versatile, fearless and inquisitive. They can turn into your best travel pal in light of their mingling nature. They love to be a part of every aspect of their owner’s life. You can easily travel with them in airplanes or cars. These are an extremely dynamic breed that will make your trip advantageous and memorable.

4. Siamese: an Affectionate One

Siamese: an Affectionate One

Siamese breeds love to be with a human. This breed is sociable, entertaining and playful which makes it a great travel companion for anyone who likes traveling. Siamese cats have been described as precocious, gregarious, intelligent and outgoing. They are extremely friendly with people and other pets that they know and like, and they thrive on companionship and affection.

5. Pixie-Bob: the Wild Looking Cat

Pixie-Bob: the Wild Looking Cat

Pixie-Bobs are outgoing and friendly cats with an almost dog-like devotion to their human family. They crave companionship, affection, and attention. They are intelligent, respectful, playful animals that usually can be left unattended during a normal workday. This breed is bright enough and willing enough to be taught to walk on a halter and leash so that it can participate in family outings and activities.

6. Chantilly/Tiffany: Calm and Adjusting

Chantilly/Tiffany: Calm and Adjusting

This is a cat that has a lovely coat as well as an easygoing personality. This cat makes a wonderful travel companion. It is very calm and adjusts well to new situations. It also has no issue being confined when travel calls for it, and its reputation is that it makes a great car rider. They would also take part in games and activities with their family members. They are affectionate and do not enjoy being alone, or if ignored.

7. Russian Blue: the Shy One

Russian Blue: the Shy One

This breed travels well because it is very reserved and likes to be close. It is not going to want to explore a plane or bus since it is not a huge fan of people it does not know. Russian Blues can be shy around strangers unless they are brought up in a very well-socialized living environment. They are not known to be aggressive or especially reclusive. They do not like to be left alone for prolonged periods of time and prefer the company of either a person or another companion pet at all times.

8. Exotic Shorthair: Sweet and Calm

Exotic Shorthair: Sweet and Calm

They are very loving and affectionate, which makes them eager to please. Their desire to ensure that people are happy with them makes them likely travel companions. They are happy to do what is expected of them, and they are happy to do what is necessary to make travel easier for you. And the more you travel with this breed, the better it will do on the road. Exotic Shorthairs do not enjoy being unattended for long periods of time. The Exotic Shorthair is sweet, calm and unfailingly loyal.

9. Chartreux: Intelligent and Self-Confident

Chartreux: Intelligent and Self-Confident

This is a friendly, intelligent, self-confident and affectionate breed, but not intrusively so. They tend to be quiet-voiced and typically do not annoy their owners with constant meowing or crying. They are quite observant and have been known to operate radio buttons and open screen door latches with their faces and paws. They are non-aggressive and very affectionate. They also are good travelers. However, they are still loving and affectionate to other members of the household.

10. Japanese Bobtail: a Calm Nature

Japanese Bobtail: a Calm Nature

The Japanese Bobtail is a highly personable cat that loves to be in the company of people. It can be more vocal than many felines, but its voice is softer and more melodious than that of the Siamese and most other exotic oriental shorthairs. The Bobtail makes a bright, affectionate, well-behaved companion both for people and for other pets. The Japanese Bobtail needs to be an intimate, well-integrated part of the family and certainly is deserving of that level of attention and commitment from its owners. The Bobtail s enjoys a bustling, stimulating living atmosphere. The Japanese believe that this is a cat that symbolizes good luck and that its the kind of cat that travels quite well. It does have a calm nature and a very adapting personality, which is what makes it a cat that works well on the road.

11. Selkirk: Sweet and Endearing

Selkirk: Sweet and Endearing

It is sweet and endearing, with a bit of a silly streak. Tolerant and affectionate, the Selkirk is not always a lap cat, but he likes people and other animals. With his sociable nature, he dislikes being left alone for long periods. Keep this fun-loving cat entertained with a fishing-pole toy or flashlight beam, and he will be thrilled. Ignore him at your peril. He won't hesitate to demand attention in a small, quiet voice if he feels that he's not getting his due.

12. Singapura: the Extroverted

Singapura: the Extroverted

The smallest domestic cat breed, the Singapura is an extroverted, playful feline sometimes called a pesky people cat. .These cats are intelligent and keenly observant. Friendly and social, they enjoy cats and cat-friendly dogs but dislike loud noises. The tiny Singapura has a tiny little voice, but this mischievous and active cat makes his presence known in other ways: chasing small balls down the hall, tapdancing on keyboards, climbing curtains or anything else that will place him on high, or jumping on your shoulder as you walk by to go for a ride. The Singapura loves people and isn't shy about meeting people. He likes being a lap cat and is an excellent bedwarmer on cold winter nights. Despite his busy nature, he is a gentle friend who will put aside his activities to keep you company when you're feeling under the weather. He is as curious as cats come and will be into anything that looks interesting. The Singapura does best in a home where he will have plenty of company.

13. Cornish Rex: the Curious One

Cornish Rex: the Curious One

The Cornish Rex is a highly intelligent, affectionate and extroverted breed, notwithstanding its somewhat aloof and sophisticated appearance. It is curious, inventive, playful and mischievous by nature, making it an endearing household companion and a wonderful pet. Most Cornish Rex likes to play fetch and chase with other pets and with people. They are unusually acrobatic and enjoy leaping onto and off of high places, seemingly simply for the sheer joy of it. The Cornish Rex is an adventurous animal that readily adapts to new situations and environments. It will explore wherever - and whenever - it can. It often will be seen jumping into or onto refrigerators, examining washing machines or climbing into open clothes dryers. Some owners consider these antics to be deliberately provocative on the part of their cats, but in a completely fun and happy way. The Cornish Rex is outgoing and people-oriented. It seeks out human companionship and the fellowship of other household animals.

14. Sphynx: Sweet Natured

Sphynx: Sweet Natured

This sweet-natured, lively cat is inquisitive and loves being the center of attention. A devoted, affectionate feline, the Sphynx follows her human companions everywhere, purring with delight. It's a good thing that the Sphynx loves attention because he draws it wherever he goes. He is demanding of human attention and will do anything for a laugh.  That makes him easy to handle by veterinarians or anyone else, and it's not unusual for a Sphynx to be a therapy cat since he is so fond of meeting people. When he is not receiving the attention of his adoring fans, the curious and energetic Sphynx is exploring his surroundings, climbing his cat tree or otherwise seeking high places, chasing a bug or just generally getting into mischief. He is extremely fond of teaser toys and puzzles toys that challenge his athleticism and brains. This is a highly social cat. He likes the company and, equally important, he likes having someone to snuggle with so that he stays warm. He loves to be held. This breed does not do well when left alone all day. The Sphynx is a healthy, hardy cat.

15. Ocicat: the Loving One

Ocicat: the Loving One

The Ocicat does look wild. However, it is neither ferocious nor fierce in disposition, nor is it shy or retiring in temperament. This is an affectionate, loving breed that is unfailingly devoted to its owners. Ocicats are not overly demanding, pushy or clingy. They tend to be extroverted, self-confident animals that are friendly and outgoing, even with strangers. Because of their personable and highly social nature, Ocicats get along well with most other household pets — including cats and dogs. However, they are not well-suited to being left alone for long stretches of time, as they require companionship and attention. Ocicats usually can be brought into a household that has existing companion animals with little confrontation or adjustment. The intelligence and overall friendliness of the Ocicat are a testament to its close Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair ancestry.

General Tips for Traveling with a Cat

There are some traveling tips for going out with your cat. They will help you, all through your voyage. Here are some useful traveling tips.

  • Right off on the road, dependably put your cat in a carrier when on a street. Keep in mind to put an auto safety belt on a transporter and fix it. They are protected and secured there.
  • Listen to music in a nice volume as they have a touchy hearing.
  • When traveling via plane, pick an aircraft that will permit you to take your cat in the lodge alongside you and to convey a hard shell carrier that fits under the seat.
  • It’s better to carry separate water and food for your cat as changes in chemical nature can cause digestive upsets and it is possible that your cat preferred food is not available everywhere.
  • Carry your cat’s vaccinations and rabies certificates in case of an emergency and regulations can vary at different places.
  • It’s never late to travel with your cat. Book a reservation and travel with your cat have a safe and enjoyable journey. 
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