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Can Cats Travel on Cruise Ships?

Can Cats Travel on Cruise Ships?

Cats have for a long time been human's friend since they were domesticated some centuries ago. With their gorgeous eyes and irresistible nature, you can't but get obsessed to have them around always.

Carrying your beloved pet with you on a cruise vacation might be fun, but you will find opportunities, for such amazing trips quite limited. Even the cruise lines that will accommodate you will not allow your cat to sleep in your room or let it run on the cruise. Instead, your cat can spend most of its time away from you in a kennel on board. If you still want to take your cat to the cruise, then it is better to investigate and plan ahead.

Steps to take for cats to travel with you on cruise ships

Step one

First, you must find a cruise that allows pets. While many cruise ships accept service cats, they help the old, but the vast majority of cruises do not have gears for handling cats. Some exceptional cruises allow pets on board, but it is best to look at cruise ships or travel agencies to find out whether cruise ships allow pets.

Second step

When making the reservation, find out about kennel availability and reserve it as soon as possible. For example, in Queen Mary 2, the kennel space is extremely limited, so if you do not book it in advance, you might not get any free space.

Step three

Before you get on that cruise, make sure you have proof of health certifications and vaccines of your cat from the veterinarian. Especially get the evidence that your feline friend is rabies-free. You will probably need these documents to take your cat on board, or you will need them if you are traveling by air.

Step four

Check with the department of agriculture or the embassy of any country you might visit on the cruise to make sure your cat meets the entry requirements.

Step five

Notify the cruise ship if your cat has special needs, such as medications or dietary requirements. It is possible that the cruise kennel staff can meet the dietary needs, but you will have to bring sufficient medication to last the entire voyage.

Step Six

Check with any hotel and airline you will use before or after the cruise for pet policies. Most airlines allow air travel for pets, but policies vary from time to time and often require preparatory work. Hotels may request an additional fee for your cat or not allow pets at all.

Step Seven

For your pet's comfort pack its special bed or toys to make your cat comfortable on the cruise line. Check with the cruise line that you can bring personal items for your cat. Visit your cat regularly if it's staying at the ship's onboard kennel.

Do ensure you check and follow these things before going on a trip with your cat, and everything will turn out great.

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