Health Tips on Traveling With Cats

How To Calm Your Cat Down While Travelling

Cats can be very difficult creatures to have to deal with. They can make great pets, but they can also be finicky, rude, whiney, snappy and just downright annoying. When cats are uncomfortable they are not afraid to let you know, and that can hurt. No matter how nice your kitty may be, there is probably something that will set him or ...
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Tips for Traveling with a Pregnant Cat

Cats are wonderful pets to have. They offer a lot of companionship as a friend. Though they don’t talk, their presence brings lots of joy to it owner. Having a pregnant cat makes us a lot happier as we expecting to get some kitten in bond. However, it becomes uneasy if you want to travel and your cat is pregnant at that point in ...
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Traveling With an Old Cat and What You Need to Know

How we wish to take our cat everywhere vs how hard it is. Surely, there are a number of reliable services that promise to take good care of your lovely cat and they do! However, it still does not match up with the love and care we want to give to them and the bond we have developed nothing can alter that. We know how moody cats are and ...
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I'm Elena, a happy owner of Cartman, a 3-year old Scottish Straight. We like to travel from time to time. In my small blog, I wanted to cover all of the aspects of traveling with a cat. Hope you will find this info useful, and it will help you make your traveling with your furball safe and enjoyable! I'm also a graphic designer and illustrator. I sell my works printed on cat mugs and cat t-shirts.

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