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How To Calm Your Cat Down While Travelling

How To Calm Your Cat Down While Travelling

Cats can be very difficult creatures to have to deal with.  They can make great pets, but they can also be finicky, rude, whiney, snappy and just downright annoying.

When cats are uncomfortable they are not afraid to let you know, and that can hurt.  No matter how nice your kitty may be, there is probably something that will set him or her off in a minute.

Here I tried to compile all the information that you might need to help calm down your cat.

Stressors and triggers

First of all, let’s figure out what can be triggers.

Cats have a huge list of things that can trigger their attitude or anxious behavior and each one of them is different. 

Some cats are triggered by jerky movements, some by loud noises, some by the presence of human beings and some cats are triggered by travel.

Travel is very high on the list of triggers for anxiety and bad mood in kitties, but there are a number of different ways that you can help a cat to not be anxious when being transported from place to place.

Whether your travel is to the vet down the street or halfway across the World on a plane, your kitty will probably get agitated at some point. 

What are you supposed to do when the cat is super amped up and you need to calm him or her down while you are on the road? 

Car travel tips to calm down your cat

  1. One thing you can do is buy treats from the pet store or vet that calm your cat down. Veterinarians also offer prescription medications that may help keep your cat satiated while traveling.
  2. Another thing that you can do is to make sure your cat has a comfortable cat carrier that they only associate with good things and events. 
  3. Also, make sure your cat is comfortable in your car or pray your care with a cat pheromone before longer travel. 
  4. Always remember to talk to your cat in a soft tone while riding in a car. 

Some of these options are better for plane travel, though all of these methods are suited for car travel, like; you can’t talk to your cat while you are on an airplane if they are in the belly in a carrier.

Plane and train travel tips to calm down your feline

Airplane and train travel can be a hassle for your cats, just like car travel, but it can be even more difficult because most of the time you will be any from your cat during air or train travel. 

There are a few options that you can use for your kitty during these forms of travel that will make them happy or calm. 

  1. The first thing to do is definitely get them a prescription from your vet. 
  2. The second thing you should make sure of is the cat carrier they are going to be traveling in is a comfortable one for them. 
  3. The third thing you could do for your kitty traveling in the belly of a plane is to spray the kitty carrier itself with pheromones.
  4. The last resort thing you could do is to give your kitty some toys that will possibly relax them during the flight.  A blanket to cuddle with might be an option for a friendly cat who likes to cuddle.

Safety first

No matter what you do to calm your cat, as every cat has its ticks, always make sure that your cat is safe. 

If you are going to use over the counter medication for your kitty, talk to your vet to make sure it is safe before doing so.

Cats can be finicky creatures, but as long you take care of them properly, they will be loyal and loving companions.

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