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Tips for Traveling with a Pregnant Cat

Tips for Traveling with a Pregnant Cat

Cats are wonderful pets to have. They offer a lot of companionship as a friend. Though they don’t talk, their presence brings lots of joy to it owner. Having a pregnant cat makes us a lot happier as we expecting to get some kitten in bond.

However, it becomes uneasy if you want to travel and your cat is pregnant at that point in time. How do you then travel with a pregnant cat? Especially when there is no one around to take care of her.

Changing the environment which she is used to can cause a lot of stress to her. The same thing happens to humans when the travel with pregnancy, they feel stressed and disturbed. So, therefore, you have to put a lot of effort into making sure she is comfortable when you want to travel with a pregnant cat.  This will make the traveling less difficult for her.

Tips for traveling with a pregnant cat

Sometimes, having to travel with a pregnant cat comes a something you didn’t expect.  It is also a thrilling experience to have kittens. Here are some useful tips to help you travel with a pregnant cat.

Have a vet confirm she is pregnant

To be hundred percent sure your cat is pregnant, you have to hire the services of a vet to make the final decision. When a cat is pregnant, there are some visible signs of the cat gaining weight, the nipples becoming large. Cats normally carry their pregnancy about 65-70 days. A vet will help confirm the true nature of the pregnancy.

The vet will issue you a health certificate for your cat. This helps to certify her safe and healthy to travel. She will be given all the necessary vaccinations to keep her safe. You have to provide the certificate when traveling in the case of air travel.

Get an approved carrier for your pregnant cat

In a case where you traveling by air, you will need to get an approved pet carrier for your pregnant cat. A call to your airliner will help you with the approved spec of pet carrier to buy. Having a soft bottom replaceable pad helps a lot. The carrier should be large providing space for her to move comfortably.

Expose her to some noise

Exposing her to some noise will help her get used to the noise at the airport or transport unit in the pet carrier. This will in no small way help her acclimatize with a noisy environment. This will help eliminate stress due to noise when it’s time to travel.

Take her out on a ride

Give your pregnant cat a ride in your car within your neighborhood always in the pet carrier. This will help prepare her psychologically for travel. This will put her in almost same condition as the plan.

Cut her nails

If your pregnant cat's nails are long, try trimming them off as she might use it to scratch the pet carrier on a flight due to fear. They will most likely react to the stress or change of environment by scratching the interior of the pet carrier when on a long distance travel.

If you wish to take your pregnant cat for traveling on a car, train or by air, you need to make certain that she is comfortable and safe. She should be confined to the pet carrier until the end of the journey. Some cats are not good travelers but with more frequent travels, they will get used to it and enjoy the experience.

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